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1st Hazard Mitigation Meeting Handouts:

  1. Draft of Approach LL
  2. Points to include in the Hazard Mitigation Planning Process
  3. The Planning Process – Josh Presentation
  4. Mitigation Stakeholders
  5. Lead Committee Member

Handouts for second meeting/homework:

  1. Regional Gs&Os 2011
  2. Capability Assessment Worksheet
  3. Hazard Summary (Definitions for Classifications INFO Sheet for use in conjunction)


2005: Harrison County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazards: Harrison



  • County Team Leader: Mike Palmer, hcema@roadrunner.com, (859) 234-7180
  • City of Cynthiana Team Leader: Jay Sanders, cyncityfirechief@yahoo.com, (859) 234-7158
  • City of Berry Team Leader: Mayor Abner mayor@cityofberry.com (859) 954-1843


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