Too many communities in the United States are designed for automobile travel, with little consideration given to the needs of walkers.  A scarcity of sidewalks, the placement of  sidewalks too close to roads and a lack of maintenance are all factors that discourage people from walking.

You can help by participating in a Walk Audit taking place on Monday, October 19, at 12:00pm Noon, in Paris, KY.  The Walk Audit will  begin at the Bourbon County Senior Center, on the corner of Main Street and Bank Row, and walkers will then walk a planned route  throughout the downtown region for 30-40 minutes.

We encourage everyone to participate in the Walk Audit.  Individuals, persons in wheelchairs, parents with strollers, all community members are encouraged to meet and walk and voice your opinions on the walkability of downtown Paris.

Please contact Lydia Jacobs at the Bluegrass Area Development District at 859-269-8021/ or Laurel Gambill at the Bourbon County Senior Center 859-987-7453/ if you have any questions.