Lawrenceburg & Anderson County

2022 Comprehensive Plan Update


Core Values

Steering Committee

Public Involvement

The City of Lawrenceburg, Anderson County, and the Bluegrass ADD are working on updating the 2017 Comprehensive Plan. The update will help provide a vision for how the community will grow and develop over the next 20 years.

Proposed Changes

Anderson County Community Snapshot

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan serves as a community’s roadmap for future growth, and provides overall guidance that can be used to direct future land use and resource decisions. A Comprehensive plan has a 20-year outlook, with mandated updates every five years. A Comprehensive Plan provides justification for zoning decisions and helps guide the regulatory process (i.e. zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations) to create a system of development that will meet the community’s needs.

Goals & Objectives

Goals and Objectives (G&Os) are the driving force that legally guides future development. At every 5-year update of the plan, a Steering Committee is selected by the Judge Executive to represent the community. At the Steering Committe meetings, the members review the G&Os from 5 years earlier and propose updates that better fit the vision for the next 20 years from that point in time. Once a list is finalized, the G&Os are sent to the Planning Commission for public input and to be approved. Next, it is sent to the city and county’s legislative bodies to be fully adopted.

Goals & Objectives

The Planning Commission will be reviewing the G&Os at 7:00pm on Tuesday, November 8th. The public is encouraged to come and voice their opinions!

Core Values & Focus Areas

The 2022 comprehensive plan update will be centered around 3 Core Values (Connected Communities, Preserve Character, and Prosperous Economy) with a Land Use Vision tying together specific Focus Areas within each Core Value to help guide and direct implementation over the next 20 years.

Each Core Value is assigned their appropriate Focus Areas (Manage Growth, Economic Development, Built Environment, Natural Environment, Housing, Quality of Life, and Historic Preservation). Some Focus Areas overlap into other Core Values since there are different ways to analyze one element. Alternatively, each Focus Areas can be analyzed independently.

The Connected Communities Core Value includes a variety of elements that brings the community of Lawrenceburg together and Anderson County as a whole. These include the bourbon industry, parks and recreation, farmland preservation, local businesses, access to resources, housing, utilities, and transportation.

This Core Value includes 6 Focus Areas:

  1. Manage Growth
  2. Economic Development
  3. Built Environment
  4. Natural Environment
  5. Housing
  6. Quality of Life


The Preserve Character Core Value looks at ways to concentrate growth through proper zoning regulations, ordinances, and design guidelines. It aims to preserve farmland and maintain the small-town feel of Lawrenceburg.

This Core Value includes 6 Focus Areas:

  1. Manage Growth
  2. Economic Development
  3. Natural Environment
  4. Housing
  5. Quality of Life
  6. Historic Preservation


The Prosperous Economy Core Value aims to bolster and attract new businesses and industries, while managing where these new developments where be located.

This Core Value includes 3 Focus Areas:

  1. Manage Growth
  2. Economic Development
  3. Built Environment


The Land Use Vision will tie together several Focus Areas touched on within each Core Value and elaborate on a vision to make these goals and objectives a reality over the next 20 years.

It will look at the current Future Land Use Map proposed in the 2017 Comprehensive Plan and reassess best strategies for future growth and proper placement between existing and new development. The vision will guide growth to achieve all of the Core Values by connecting the community, preserving the character of Anderson County and Lawrenceburg, and supporting a prosperous economy.


The Comp Plan Process

Visioning Survey Results

Public Involvement

The Public Workshop meetings will be an interactive Open House format in which we will display a variety of posters that cover information that has been covered in the Steering Committee meetings since April 2022.

BGADD will begin the meetings with a brief presentation about the comprehensive planning process and how the open house format will be showcased.

Certain “Poster Stations” will have different methods for the public to provide feedback on the poster topic. Staff from BGADD will be present to answer any questions from the community.

Transportation Comment Map

Steering Committee Meetings



Meeting #1 – Introduction

At the first Steering Committee meeting Bluegrass ADD Staff provided an overview of a Comprehensive Plan, the planning process, and the role of the committee.

Meeting Review



Meeting #2 – Visioning Workshop

At the second meeting the Committee appointed a Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. The Committee completed a visioning workshop and had a discussion about the priorities, challenges, and vision for the community.

Meeting Review



Meeting #3 – Core Values Workshop

In the third meeting, BGADD presented to the Committee the new website, Facebook page, and survey results from the Public Workshops held on May 25th and June 1st. From these results, the Committee established their community’s Core Values for the Comp Plan.

Meeting Review



Meeting #4 – Goals & Objectives

The Committee was presented the findings from the public Visioning survey and discussed in detail the existing Goals & Objectives that will be voted on in the 6th meeting to begin the adoption process by the Planning Commission, City Council, and Fiscal Court.

Meeting Review



Meeting #5 – Transportation

The Committee was presented the current conditions, prioritized projects, and concepts related to transportation. This included remedies for dangerous intersections, complete street design, and bike/pedestrian opportunities.



Meeting #6 – Branding & Community Facilities

The Committee first voted for a logo that will be used for the comprehensive plan’s branding. Then they were presented the current conditions of water and sewer service, location of critical facilities, parks, school capacities and planned projects, intake of solid waste and recycling, and population projections.



Meeting #7 – Goal & Objective’s Final Vote

The Goals and Objectives were voted on and approved by the Steering Committee. The next steps for their final adoption is to be approved by the Planning Commission, the Legislative Body, and Fiscal Court.



Meeting #8 – Meeting Cancelled

There were not enough members present so it was decided to cancel and discuss the topics for the following month.



Meeting #9 – Economic Development & Housing

Discussions about how the Steering Committee viewed Economic Development in Lawrenceburg and what kind of ED is desired in terms of land availability for industrial development and keeping the small-town charm. Housing availability and location were also discussed.