Area Water Management

About the 409 Council

Established by KRS 151 and KRS 2241, the 409 Council exist to coordinate water and wastewater system development statewide. Members include all county judge/executives, the mayors of any city with a municipal water or wastewater
system and representatives of each local health department within the Bluegrass region. Leaders of KRS 74 water districts and KRS 273 water associations, as well as representatives of for-profit utilities, are also voting members. Quarterly meetings give members the opportunity to coordinate plans and projects to avoid duplication of service, ensure consistency with local and regional land use plans and promote cost-effectiveness. The 409 Council is directed by the Community Planning Department.

Chair of this council is Judge Woods Adams, Lincoln County

Staff person: Karyn Leverenz


All meetings will take place at 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted

Bluegrass ADD Conference Room


699 Perimeter Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40517

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