Regional Planning Council

About the RPC Council

This organization serves as an advisory board on land use planning issues within the region’s communities. With a membership including planning commissioners and professional planning staff representing every jurisdiction throughout the Bluegrass, the Council monitors and reviews comprehensive, transportation, infrastructure and land use plans at the local, county and regional levels. The Council also supports professionalism in planning by sponsoring training and continuing education opportunities, both as part of its regular meetings and through special events. Attendance at regular meetings can be counted toward state–required continuing education (CEU) training for planning commissioners, Board of Adjustment members, zoning administrators and planning professionals and their staff. The RPC was established through state legislation (KRS 147A.125) and is directed by Community Planning.

Chair of this council is Peter Beaty, Jessamine-Wilmore Planning Commission Chair

Staff person: Mikaela Gerry


All meetings will take place at 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. online via Zoom until further notice


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