Planning Services

The ADD’s planning staff provides support to local city, county, and joint planning and zoning departments and commissions in a variety of ways. Some of the services provided to communities include: updates of comprehensive plans, revisions to zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations, providing technical assistance to planning commissions, including staff reports for zoning map amendments and proposed major subdivisions; preparation of annexation studies, water/sewer utilities financial analyses, and fire protection studies; production of maps, downtown planning and development, preservation, and community development.


Regional Planning Council

The Bluegrass Regional Planning Council was formed in 1990 to act in an advisory capacity on planning matters throughout the District. To ensure compatible treatment of planned development throughout the district, the Council reviews comprehensive plans for regional impact and develops regional transportation, infrastructure, and land use plans for the district. The Council also makes recommendations regarding the regional impact of proposed Comprehensive Plans and Plan amendments of planning units within the District Contact