• Portal is up and running and processing claims for KYians

John Brogan-FEMA

  • 9 counties are eligible for individual assistance
  • Home owners can request online, on FEMA app, or by calling 1-800-621-3362
  • As of this morning, over 600 Kentucky households had contacted FEMA
  • Governor Beshear is going to request more assistance in 26 additional counties for additional individual assistance (IA). Letter coming out this week
    • He has already requested public assistance (PA) in additional 18 counties
  • FEMA asks that KYians asking for assistance to please check with insurance prior to contacting FEMA
    • FEMA cannot duplicate coverage
  • Inspections may be online or in person
    •  In person will always give ID
  • 50 inspections within Kentucky have already been processed

In addition to individual assistance, public assistance has been made available for 25  counties

  • Reimburse state governments for disaster recovery
  • Working closely with KY Emergency Management to help implement public assistance
  • Help be more resilient against future disasters

Jack Camp- SBA

  • SBA disaster loan program automatically activated once disaster area declared by FEMA
  • Low interest, long term loans available for people in disaster area
  • Can help up to 100% of uninsured losses
  • If income is above a certain level and denied by FEMA for grant programs, they can be referred to SBA
  • If not able to offer loan, will refer person back to FEMA for grant programs
  • If FEMA refers someone to SBA and they do not apply for a loan, they cannot make the determination
  • KYians who are referred to SBA, even if they don’t want to loan, must apply for SBA loans to be referred back to FEMA and to receive grant money
    • They are asking everyone to apply for SBA loans if referred by FEMA, they do not have to accept the loan. The application can later help them receive FEMA grants
  • Homeowners and renters may borrow up to $200,000
  • Up to $40,000 in personal property
  • Businesses can borrow up to 2 million in property losses, this includes any economic injury
    • As long as they are in declared areas or adjacent counties, they are able to receive loans even if they haven’t had physical losses, economic injury is enough to apply for these loans

** Information provided by Senator McConnell field Staff Stephanie Nelson.